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Clean up

In this document you’ll learn how to:

  • Exit the MySQL command client shell and the Docker container

  • Remove the Docker container and the Docker image

  • Remove the Docker volume.

The steps are as follows:

  1. To exit the MySQL command client shell in psmysql2 container, we use exit. You can also use the \q or quit commands. The execution of the statement also closes the connection.

    mysql> exit
    Expected output
  2. Remove docker containers and images, if you no longer need docker containers / images or want to free up disk space. To remove a docker container, use the command docker rm followed by the container name or the container ID. To remove a docker image, use the command docker rmi followed by the image ID or name and the tag. The example uses the -f option to force the removal.

    • Remove psmysql2, psmysql and pxb Docker containers:

      $ docker container rm psmysql2 -f
      Expected output
      $ docker container rm psmysql -f
      Expected output
      $ docker container rm pxb -f
      Expected output
    • Remove percona/percona-server:8.0.34 and percona/percona-xtrabackup:8.0.34 Docker images

      $ docker image rmi percona/percona-server:8.0.34
      Expected output
      Untagged: percona/percona-server:8.0.34
      $ docker image rmi percona/percona-xtrabackup:8.0.34
      Expected output
      Untagged: percona/percona-server:8.0.34
      Untagged: percona/percona-server@sha256:4944f9b365e0dc88f41b3b704ff2a02d1459fd07763d7d1a444b263db8498e1f
      Deleted: sha256:b2588da614b1f382468fc9f44600863e324067a9cae57c204a30a2105d61d9d9
      Deleted: sha256:1ceaa6dc89e328281b426854a3b00509b5df13826a9618a09e819a830b752ebd
      Deleted: sha256:77471692427a227eb16d06907357956c3bb43f0fdc3ecf6f8937e1acecae24fe
      Deleted: sha256:8db06cc7b0430437edc7f118b139d2195cb65e2e8025f9a4517d16778f615384
      Deleted: sha256:e5a57a2fafec4ab9482240f28927651d56545c19626e344aceb8be3704c3c397
      Deleted: sha256:f86198f39b893674d44d424c958f23183bf919d2ced20e1f519714d0972d75ed
      Deleted: sha256:db9672f7e12e374d5e9016b758a29d5444e8b0fd1246a6f1fc5c2b3c847dddcf
  3. Remove docker volume if a container does not use the volume, and you no longer need it

    Remove backupvol and myvol2 Docker volumes:

    $ docker volume rm backupvol
    Expected output
    $ docker volume rm myvol2
    Expected output

Next step

Next steps

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Last update: 2023-11-17