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About Percona XtraBackup

Percona XtraBackup is the world’s only open source, free MySQL hot backup software that performs non-blocking backups for InnoDB and XtraDB databases.

With Percona XtraBackup, you can achieve the following benefits:

  • Backups that complete quickly and reliably

  • Uninterrupted transaction processing during backups

  • Savings on disk space and network bandwidth

  • Automatic backup verification

  • Higher uptime due to faster restore time

Percona XtraBackup makes MySQL hot backups for all versions of Percona Server for MySQL, and MySQL. It performs streaming, compressed, and incremental MySQL backups.

Check the latest list of all Supported versions.


Percona XtraBackup 2.4 supports MySQL and Percona Server for MySQL 5.6 and 5.7 databases. Due to changes in the MySQL redo log and data dictionary formats, the Percona XtraBackup 8.0.x versions are only compatible with MySQL 8.0.x, Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.x, and compatible versions.

Percona’s enterprise-grade commercial MySQL Support contracts include support for Percona XtraBackup. We recommend support for critical production deployments. Percona XtraDB Backup supports encryption.

Supported storage engines

Percona XtraBackup can back up data from InnoDB, XtraDB, MyISAM, and MyRocks tables on MySQL 8.0 servers as well as Percona Server for MySQL with XtraDB, Percona Server for MySQL 8.0, and Percona XtraDB Cluster 8.0.

Version updates

Version 8.0.6 and later supports the MyRocks storage engine. An incremental backup on the MyRocks storage engine does not determine if an earlier full or incremental backup contains the same files. Percona XtraBackup copies all MyRocks files each time it takes a backup. Percona XtraBackup does not support the TokuDB storage engine.


Percona XtraBackup 8.0 does not support making backups of databases created in versions prior to 8.0 of MySQL, Percona Server for MySQL or Percona XtraDB Cluster. As the changes that MySQL 8.0 introduced in data dictionaries, redo log and undo log are incompatible with previous versions, it is currently impossible for Percona XtraBackup 8.0 to also support versions prior to 8.0.

Due to changes in MySQL 8.0.20 released by Oracle at the end of April 2020, Percona XtraBackup 8.0, up to version 8.0.11, is not compatible with MySQL version 8.0.20 or higher, or Percona products that are based on it: Percona Server for MySQL and Percona XtraDB Cluster.

For more information, see Percona XtraBackup 8.x and MySQL 8.0.20

What are the features of Percona XtraBackup?

Here is a short list of the Percona XtraBackup features. See the documentation for more.

  • Create hot InnoDB backups without pausing your database

  • Make incremental backups of MySQL

  • Stream compressed MySQL backups to another server

  • Move tables between MySQL servers on-line

  • Create new MySQL replication replicas easily

  • Backup MySQL without adding load to the server

  • Percona XtraBackup performs throttling based on the number of IO operations per second

  • Percona XtraBackup can export individual tables even from a full backup, regardless of the InnoDB version

  • Backup locks is a lightweight alternative to FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK available in Percona Server. Percona XtraBackup uses them automatically to copy non-InnoDB data to avoid blocking DML queries that modify InnoDB tables.

Additional information

The InnoDB tables are locked while copying non-InnoDB data.

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Last update: 2024-06-12