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Percona XtraBackup 8.0.35-30 (2023-12-04)

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Release highlights

This release merges the MySQL 8.0.35 code base.

Bug fix

  • PXB-3003: Percona XtraBackup discovering redo logs to parse and the server purging redo logs simultaneously could cause a race condition.

  • PXB-3139: Fix for gcc-13 and clang-16 compilation issues.

  • PXB-3147: Percona XtraBackup failed to execute the DO innodb_redo_log_consumer_register("PXB"); query.

  • PXB-3181: The use of the innodb-use-native-aio=true option resulted in printing duplicate timestamps.

  • PXB-3173: The xbcloud was refactored to use multiple threads with a global list of files. This list did not allow users to download a subset of files.

  • PXB-3141: Adjusted folder creation on and xbcloud to use proper permission.

  • PXB-3168: Under high write load, a backup could fail with a log block numbers mismatch error.

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Last update: 2023-12-04