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Download locations for ProxySQL 2.x.x and ProxySQL admin utilities

The binaries, packages, and tarballs are available at Percona Download ProxySQL.

On the Download ProxySQL page, select the following:

  • Product - ProxySQL 2
  • Product Version - the version of ProxySQL2
  • Platform - the Linux distribution

The available software platforms are based on the selected version. You can either download all packages together in a single tar file or download the packages separately. Select Linux - Generic to download binary tarballs.


You must download ProxySQL 2.4.2 or later to install the Percona Scheduler Admin tool.

Find the source code

The source code is located at Percona/proxysql-admin-tool. The documentation source code is located at Percona/proxysql-admin-tool-doc.

Get expert help

If you need assistance, visit the community forum for comprehensive and free database knowledge, or contact our Percona Database Experts for professional support and services.

Last update: 2024-05-21