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ProxySQL 2.6.3 and ProxySQL admin tools (2024-06-11)

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ProxySQL is a high-performance proxy for MySQL and MySQL-compatible database servers such as Percona Server for MySQL and MariaDB. It acts as an intermediary for client requests seeking resources from the database. ProxySQL was created for the database administrator to solve complex replication topology issues.

You can download the original ProxySQL from GitHub. The ProxySQL documentation provides information on installing and running ProxySQL.

The ProxySQL Admin (proxysql-admin) tool simplifies the configuration of Percona XtraDB Cluster nodes with ProxySQL. ProxySQL Admin 1 requires custom Bash scripts to track the status of a Percona XtraDB Cluster. ProxySQL Admin 2 supports Percona XtraDB Cluster without custom scripts.

The ProxySQL 2 and pxc_scheduler_handler tool can automatically perform a failover due to node failures, service degradation, or maintenance. The pxc_scheduler_handler tool has different features and capabilities than ProxySQL admin. Do not use the options from one tool in the other tool. Mixing the options may cause unintended results.

Release highlights

Compared to the previous ProxySQL 2.6.2 release, this release includes all improvements and bug fixes available in ProxySQL 2.6.3.

  • Added a hostgroup attribute, monitor_slave_lag_when_null.

  • The system now prioritizes over the global variable mysql-monitor_slave_lag_when_null.

  • Negative values for Seconds_Behind_Master bring previously shunned servers back online.

  • The table mysql_server_replication_lag_log now logs negative values for Seconds_Behind_Master.

  • A new safety feature is introduced via the hostgroup attribute max_num_online_servers.

  • The system disables routing traffic to the hostgroup when the attribute value is exceeded.

Bug fixes

  • PSQLADM-513: Fixed issues reported by shellcheck, a shell script static analysis tool.

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Last update: 2024-06-11