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Start and stop ProxySQL

There are several methods to start or stop ProxySQL 2. You can invoke the commands with either systemctl or service. Currently, both are supported.

Start ProxySQL 2.x.x with a service manager

$ sudo service proxysql2 start
$ sudo systemctl start proxysql

If you have updated the configuration, start ProxySQL with the -c option to pass the updated configuration file:

$ /home/user/<path-to-extracted-dir>/usr/bin/proxysql \
-c /home/user/<path-to-extracted-dir>/etc/proxysql.cnf

Stop ProxySQL 2.x.x

To stop ProxySQL 2.x, run any of the following commands:

$ sudo service proxysql stop
$ sudo service proxysql2 stop
$ sudo systemctl stop proxysql 
$ sudo systemctl stop proxysql2 

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Last update: 2024-04-18