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pxc_scheduler_handler statements

Statement reference

The standard pxc_scheduler_handler statement includes percona-scheduler-admin --config-file=<configuration file name and extension>. A pxc_scheduler_handler example statement has the following syntax:

percona-scheduler-admin --config-file=config.toml [option] [option]

If you do not include the configuration file in the command, the result is an error and nothing happens.

$ percona-scheduler-admin --debug
ERROR : The --config-file option is required but is missing from the command.

The options determine what the statement does. The pxc_scheduler_handler statement must include at least one option. A command without an option returns an error and nothing happens.

For most options, two hyphens (–) precede an option name. The disable and the enable option can be selected with one hyphen (-) and the appropriate abbreviation.

For example, the following commands return the same result:

$ percona-scheduler-admin --config-file=config.toml -e

$ percona-scheduler-admin --config-file=config.toml --enable

You can combine some options with other, optional options to modify the statement behavior. Multiple options are separated by a space. You can combine the options in any order.

An example of combining options in one statement:

$ percona-scheduler-admin --config-file=config.toml --write-node= --update-cluster

For some options, they must be combined with a required option to return a result.

An example of an option combined with a required option:

$ percona-scheduler-admin --config-file=config.toml --force -e

If you do not combine the option with the required option, the statement does not run and returns an error.

$ percona-scheduler-admin --config-file=tests/testsuite.toml  --update-write-weight=",112"
Expected output
ERROR : --update-write-weight requires --update-cluster.

Specific options, such as -–write-node or –-server, require a value.

$> percona-scheduler-admin --config-file=config.toml --server=

For the available options, see pxc_scheduler_handler options

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Last update: 2024-04-18