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pg_stat_monitor provides the following views:

  • pg_stat_monitor is the view where statistics data is presented.
  • pg_stat_monitor_settings view shows available configuration options which you can change.

pg_stat_monitor view

The statistics gathered by the module are made available via the view named pg_stat_monitor. This view contains one row for each distinct combination of metrics and whether it is a top-level statement or not (up to the maximum number of distinct statements that the module can track). For details about available counters, refer to the pg_stat_monitor view reference.

The following are the primary keys for pg_stat_monitor:

  • bucket
  • userid
  • datname
  • queryid
  • client_ip
  • planid
  • application_name
  • toplevel.


The toplevel key is considered starting with PostgreSQL 14 and above. For PostgreSQL 13 and earlier versions, the toplevel value is set to 1 by default, and thus, ignored.

A new row is created for each key in the pg_stat_monitor view.

pg_stat_monitor inherits the metrics available in pg_stat_statements, plus provides additional ones. See the pg_stat_monitor vs pg_stat_statements comparison for details.

For security reasons, only superusers and members of the pg_read_all_stats role are allowed to see the SQL text, client_ip and queryid of queries executed by other users. Other users can see the statistics, however, if the view has been installed in their database.

pg_stat_monitor_settings view (dropped)

Starting with version 2.0.0, the pg_stat_monitor_settings view is deprecated and removed. All pg_stat_monitor configuration parameters are now available though the pg_settings view using the following query:

SELECT name, setting, unit, context, vartype, source, min_val, max_val, enumvals, boot_val, reset_val, pending_restart FROM pg_settings WHERE name LIKE '%pg_stat_monitor%';

For backward compatibility, you can create the pg_stat_monitor_settings view using the following SQL statement:

CREATE VIEW pg_stat_monitor_settings



FROM pg_settings

WHERE name like 'pg_stat_monitor.%';

In pg_stat_monitor version 1.1.1 and earlier, the pg_stat_monitor_settings view shows one row per pg_stat_monitor configuration parameter. It displays configuration parameter name, value, default value, description, minimum and maximum values, and whether a restart is required for a change in value to be effective.

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