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Version 1.x release notes

1.1.1 (2022-11-08)


PG-462: Initial Support for PostgreSQL15 was added

1.1.0 (2022-09-05)


PG-474: Make pg_stat_monitor compiled with CLANG

PG-159: Change the bucket start time scheme to align with the bucket time size

PG-293: Add the ability to control features added on top of pg_stat_monitor using GUC (Grand Unified Configuration) parameters

PG-300: Improve compatibility with PMM by making QueryIDs persistent for the same queries across different buckets and regardless of the node / client a query is executed on

PG-362: Fix the pgsm_normalized_query default value to provide query examples in the pg_stat_monitor view by default

PG-439: Remove warning of comparison of unsigned enum expression

Bugs Fixed

PG-221: Fixed the issue with pg_stat_monitor crashing when querying JSON with parallel workers enabled

PG-289: Fixed the issue with pg_stat_monitor failing to build on C11 compilers by removing ‘for’ loop initial declarations

PG-449: Fix comments visibility by correcting the behavior of the pgsm_extract_comments parameter

PG-453: Fixed query normalization for INSERT statements in PostgreSQL 13 and earlier versions

PG-455: Fixed the issue with data collection for any value specified for pgsm_bucket_time parameter within the min / max range

1.0.1 (2022-05-26)

Bugs Fixed

PG-382: Histogram default settings changed to prevent the PostgreSQL server to crash

PG-417: Addressed security vulnerabilities to prevent an attacker from pre-creating functions

DISTPG-427: Fixed the issue with the extensions not working when pg_stat_monitor is enabled by replacing the return with goto exit for the pgsm_emit_log_hook function

1.0.0 (2022-05-03)

Bump version from 1.0.0-rc.2 to 1.0.0.

1.0.0-rc.2 (2022-04-21)


PG-331: Changed the default value for the pg_stat_monitor.pgsm_query_max_len parameter from 1024 to 2048 for better data presentation in PMM

PG-355: Changed the collection of sys_time and user_time metrics so that they are now presented as an accumulative value

PG-286: Improved pg_stat_monitor performance by decreasing the overhead by more than 50%.

PG-267: Added test case to verify histogram feature

PG-359: Documentation: updated the pg_stat_monitor_settings view reference.

PG-344: Documentation: Updated the extensions order and behavior with data collection for PostgreSQL 14.

PG-358: Documentation: data display of ** blk ** and ** wal ** columns when both pg_stat_monitor and pg_stat_statements are loaded together.

Bugs Fixed

PG-350: Fixed bucket time overflow

PG-338: Fixed query calls count by setting the default value for pg_stat_monitor.pgsm_track to top.

PG-291: Fixed calls count.

PG-325: Fixed deadlock that occurred when the query length exceeded the pgsm_query_max_len value.

PG-326: Added validation for pgsm_histogram_min and pgsm_histogram_max ranges

PG-329: Fixed creation of pg_stat_monitor_errors view on SQL files.

PG-296: Fixed issue with the application name not displaying in the view when changed.

PG-290: Fixed issue with PostgreSQL crashing after enabling debug log level and when pg_stat_monitor is enabled.

PG-166: Fixed issue with displaying the actual system time values instead of NULL

PG-369: Fixed issue with incorrect wal_bytes values for PostgreSQL 11 and 12 that caused Query Analytics failure in PMM by ignoring the WalUsage variable value for these versions.

1.0.0-rc.1 (2022-08-12)


PG-165: Recycle expired buckets

PG-167: Make SQL error codes readable by updating their data types

PG-193: Create a comment based tags to identify different parameters

PG-199: Documentation: Add the integration with PMM section in User Guide

PG-210: Documentation: Update column names per POstgreSQL version to match the upstream ones

Bugs Fixed

PG-177: Fixed the error in histogram ranges

PG-214: Fixed the issue with the display of the error message as part of the query column in pg_stat_monitor view

PG-246: Fixed the issue with significant CPU and memory resource usage when pg_stat_monitor.pgsm_enable_query_plan parameter is enabled

PG-262: Fixed the way the comments are extracted in pg_stat_monitor view

PG-271: Fixed the issue with enabling the pg_stat_monitor.pgsm_overflow_target configuration parameter.

PG-272: Fixed the server crash when calling the pg_stat_monitor_reset() function by using the correct PGSM_MAX_BUCKETS GUC as the limit to the loop

REL0_9_1 (2021-14-04)

Bugs Fixed

PG-190: Missing query, if query elapsed time is greater than bucket time.

REL0_9_0_STABLE (2021-03-31)


PG-186: Add support to monitor query execution plan

PG-147: Store top query, instead of parent query.

PG-188: Added a new column to monitor the query state i.e PARSING/PLANNING/ACTIVE/FINISHED.

PG-180: Schema Qualified table/relations names.

Regression Test Suite.

Bugs Fixed

PG-189: Regression crash in case of PostgreSQL 11.

PG-187: Compilation Error for PostgreSQL 11 and PostgreSQL 12.

PG-186: Add support to monitor query execution plan.

PG-182: Added a new option for the query buffer overflow.

PG-181: Segmentation fault in case of track_utility is ON.

Some Code refactoring.

REL0_8_1 (2021-02-17)

PG-147: Stored Procedure Support add parentid to track caller.

PG-177: Error in Histogram ranges.

REL0_8_0_STABLE (2021-02-11)


Column userid (int64) was removed. Column dbid (int64) was removed.

Column user (string) was added (replacement for userid). Column datname (string) was added (replacement for dbid).

PG-176: Extract fully qualified relations name.

PG-175: Only Superuser / Privileged user can view IP address.

PG-174: Code cleanup.

PG-173: Added new WAL usage statistics.

PG-172: Exponential histogram for time buckets.

PG-164: Query timing will be four decimal places instead of two.

PG-167: SQLERRCODE must be in readable format.

Bugs Fixed

PG-169: Fixing message buffer overrun and incorrect index access to fix the server crash.

PG-168: “calls” and histogram parameter does not match.

PG-166: Display actual system time instead of null.

PG-165: Recycle expired buckets.

PG-150: Error while logging CMD Type like SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE.

REL0_7_2 (2021-01-14)

PG-165: Recycle expired buckets.

PG-164: Query timing will be four decimal places instead of two.

PG-161: Miscellaneous small issues.

REL0_7_1 (2021-01-11)

PG-158: Segmentation fault while using pgbench with clients > 1.

PG-159: Bucket start time (bucket_start_time) should be aligned with bucket_time.

PG-160: Integration with PGXN.

REL0_7_0_STABLE (2020-12-28)


PG-153: Capture and record the application_name executing the query.

PG-145: Add a new View/Query to show the actual Database name and Username.

PG-110; Aggregate the number of warnings.

PG-109: Log failed queries or queries with warning messages.

PG-150: Differentiate different types of queries such as SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE.

Bugs Fixed

PG-111 Show information for incomplete buckets.

PG-148 Loss of query statistics/monitoring due to not enough “slots” available.


Initial Release.



PG-156: Adding a placeholder replacement function for the prepared statement

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