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Upgrade pg_stat_monitor

This document describes how to upgrade pg_stat_monitor.

Before upgrading pg_stat_monitor, learn about changes for the desired version in the release notes.


We always recommend updating to the latest version of pg_stat_monitor to receive bug fixes and benefit from newest features and enhancements.

  1. Install the new version of the extension using the preferred installation method.

  2. Check what version of pg_stat_monitor is running in your database:

    SELECT pg_stat_monitor_version();

    Sample output:

    (1 row)
  3. To upgrade the extension, use the ALTER EXTENSION command with the UPDATE TO option. Replace the <version> placeholder with the desired version of the extension.

    Your PostgreSQL user must have the privileges of a superuser or a database owner to run the command:

    ALTER EXTENSION pg_stat_monitor UPDATE TO '<version>';

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