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Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7.32-31.47

Bugs Fixed

  • PXC-3468: Resolve package conflict when installing PXC 5.7 on RHEL/CentOS8

  • PXC-3459: Modify to pass correct data from row_ins_foreign_check_on_constraint() to wsrep_append_foreign_key()

  • PXC-3418: Prevent DDL-DML deadlock by making in-place ALTER take shared MDL for the whole duration.

  • PXC-2264: Update Data at Rest Encryption documentation on upgrade and compatibility issues to explain incompatibility when the donor is <= 5.7.21 and joiner is >= 5.7.22

  • PXC-3501: Modify wsrep_row_upd_check_foreign_constraints() to include foreign key dependencies in the writesets for DELETE query (Thanks to user Steven Gales for reporting this issue)

  • PXC-3442: Fix crash when log_slave_updates=ON and consistency check statement is executed

  • PXC-3424: Fix error handling when the donor is not able to serve SST