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Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7.44-31.65.2 (2024-05-02)

This release is part of MySQL 5.7 Post-EOL Support from Percona. The fixes are available to MySQL 5.7 Post-EOL Support from Percona customers.

We recommend upgrading to MySQL 8.0 or staying on 5.7; we’ll support you.

Release Information

Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.44-49 contains the fix for CVE-2024-20963 and a portability fix.

Bug fixes

  • PS-9096: Fixes the following:

    • Bug#35764496: Running too much data through MD5() causes the server to stop. The cause was accessing invalid memory or over-allocating while computing hashes in the md5 encryption methods.

    • Bug#35967676: Fixed a compilation failure in VS2022.

  • PS-9048: In the Debug build, assertions with OPTIMIZE table and fulltext indexes failed.

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures and third-party libraries

The following Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) records have been identified in the third-party libraries:

We recommend upgrading the third-party libraries to the latest version, for example, curl v8.4.0 or OpenSSL v3.0.12. The operating systems may port these fixes into the default versions of the libraries installed in the systems.

For information on the curl CVE based on the operating system, see the following:

For information on the OpenSSL CVE based on the operating system, see the following:


The binary tarballs are not shipped with the updated third-party libraries.

Upgrade third-party libraries

The following are generic instructions on updating these libraries using a package manager. Your environment may be different. Upgrading libraries can have unintended consequences. Consider testing the upgrade on a staging environment before upgrading production.


The following steps apply to either package manager: The example updates the OpenSSL library.

  1. Create a full server backup to ensure data integrity in case of issues.

  2. Identify the library and review the installation method.

  3. Research the compatibility between the new library and your current MySQL version.

  4. Stop the server.


Install the update

$ sudo apt update; sudo apt install libssl-dev openssl;
$ sudo yum update; sudo yum install openssl;


After the upgrade, do the following:

  1. Restart the server to ensure that the library is loaded correctly.

    $ sudo systemctl restart mysql
  2. Connect to the server and verify the update with either SHOW PLUGINS; or SHOW VARIABLES LIKE '%library_name%';.

  3. Test the library functionality by running scripts or applications that rely on the upgraded library.


If you find issues:

  • Check the error logs

  • Consult the documentation for the library and online resources for any troubleshooting steps specific to this library. Check for any potential compatibility issues.

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