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Backup retention

The Operator supports setting pgBackRest retention policies for full and differential backups. When a full backup expires according to the retention policy, pgBackRest cleans up all the files related to this backup and to the write-ahead log. Thus, the expiration of a full backup with some incremental backups based on it results in expiring of all these incremental backups.

You can control backup retention by the following pgBackRest options:

  • --<repo name>-retention-full how much full backups to retain,
  • --<repo name>-retention-diff how much differential backups to retain.

Backup retention type can be either count (the number of backups to keep) or time (the number of days to keep a backup for).

You can set both backup type and retention policy for each of 4 repositories as follows.

        repo1-retention-full: "14"
        repo1-retention-full-type: time

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Last update: 2024-06-13