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Percona Distribution for MySQL 8.0.33 using Percona Server for MySQL (2023-06-15)

Release date June 15, 2023
Install instructions Installing Percona Distribution for MySQL

Percona Distribution for MySQL is the most stable, scalable, and secure open source MySQL distribution, with two download options: one based on Percona Server for MySQL and one based on Percona XtraDB Cluster.

This release is focused on the Percona Server for MySQL-based deployment variation. It is based on Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.33-25.

Release highlights

  • This release adds the following MyRocks variables:

  • rocksdb_bulk_load_use_sst_partitioner

  • rocksdb_use_hyper_clock_cache

  • rocksdb_converter_record_cached_length

  • rocksdb_alter_table_comment_inplace

  • rocksdb_charge_memory

  • rocksdb_column_default_value_as_expression

  • rocksdb_corrupt_data_action

  • rocksdb_disable_instant_ddl

  • rocksdb_enable_delete_range_for_drop_index

  • rocksdb_partial_index_blind_delete

  • rocksdb_protection_bytes_per_key

  • rocksdb_use_write_buffer_manager

  • This release adds a new MyRocks Information Schema Table ROCKSDB_LIVE_FILES_METADATA.

  • This release removes rocksdb_instant_ddl variable. Use rocksdb_disable_instant_ddl instead.

  • This merge fixes the following issues:

  • PS-8477: The offline-mode persisted when doing dba.rebootClusterFromCompleteOutage.

  • PS-8699: ALTER INSTANCE RELOAD TLS hung with many concurrent connection attempts. We have included the upstream fix and added our fix for this issue, which significantly reduces the chances that the issue will reoccur.

Improvements and bug fixes introduced by Oracle for MySQL 8.0.33 and included in Percona Server for MySQL are the following:

  • The INSTALL COMPONENT includes the SET clause. The SET clause sets the values of component system variables when installing one or several components. This reduces the inconvenience and limitations associated with assigning variable values in other ways.

  • The mysqlbinlog --start-position accepts values up to 18446744073709551615. If the --read-from-remote-server or --read-from-remote-source option is used, the maximum is 4294967295. (Bug #77818, Bug #21498994)

  • Using a generated column with DEFAULT(col_name) to specify the default value for a named column is not allowed and throws an error message. (Bug #34463652, Bug #34369580)

  • Not all possible error states were reported during the binary log recovery process. (Bug #33658850)

  • User-defined collations are deprecated. The usage of the following user-defined collations causes a warning that is written to the log:

  • When COLLATE is followed by the name of a user-defined collation in an SQL statement.

  • When the name of a user-defined collation is used as the value of collation_server, collation_database, or collation_connection.

The support for user-defined collations will be removed in a future releases of MySQL.

Find the full list of bug fixes and changes in the MySQL 8.0.33 Release Notes.

Supplied components

Review each component’s release notes for What’s new, improvements, or bug fixes. The following is a list of the components supplied with the Percona Server for MySQL-based variation of the Percona Distribution for MySQL:

Component Version Description
Orchestrator 3.2.6-9 The replication topology manager for Percona Server for MySQL
ProxySQL 2.5.1 A high performance, high-availability, protocol-aware proxy for MySQL
Percona XtraBackup 8.0.33-27 An open-source hot backup utility for MySQL-based servers
Percona Toolkit 3.5.3 The set of scripts to simplify and optimize database operation
MySQL Shell 8.0.33 An advanced client and code editor for MySQL Server
MySQL Router 8.0.33 Lightweight middleware that provides transparent routing between your application and back-end MySQL servers

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