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Percona Server for MongoDB 5.0.19-16 (2023-08-10)

Release date August 10, 2023
Installation Installing Percona Server for MongoDB

Percona Server for MongoDB 5.0.19-16 is an enhanced, source-available, and highly-scalable database that is a fully-compatible, drop-in replacement for MongoDB 5.0.19 Community Edition.

It supports MongoDB 5.0.19 protocols and drivers.

Release Highlights

The bug fixes, provided by MongoDB and included in Percona Server for MongoDB, are the following:

  • SERVER-71985 - Automatically retry time series insert on DuplicateKey error.
  • SERVER-74551 - Prevented unnecessary logging of WriteConflictExceptions during the execution of a findAndModify command.
  • SERVER-77018 - Changed the index build behavior so that in-progress index builds are no longer accounted for indexFreeStorageSize when running dbStats.
  • SERVER-78126 - Fixed performance issues of the aggregation framework by improving the Value::hash_combine() function operation on big-endian platforms
  • WT-10253 - Run session dhandle sweep and session cursor sweep more often

Find the full list of changes in the MongoDB 5.0.19 Community Edition release notes.

New Features

  • PSMDB-1291 - Add the ability to specify the AWS Security Token Service (STS) endpoint for authentication

Bugs Fixed

  • PSMDB-1280 - Improve PSMDB behavior on client disconnect when the $backupCursorExtend is opened
  • PSMDB-1289 - Fixed the issue with the server crash during LDAP authentication by retrying sending requests to the LDAP server and gracefully report errors.

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