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Percona Operator for PostgreSQL 1.3.0

Release Highlights

  • The automated upgrade is now disabled by default to prevent an unplanned downtimes for user applications and to provide defaults more focused on strict user’s control over the cluster

  • Flexible anti-affinity configuration is now available, which allows the Operator to isolate PostgreSQL cluster instances on different Kubernetes nodes or to increase its availability by placing PostgreSQL instances in different availability zones


Bugs Fixed

  • K8SPG-178: Fix the bug in the instruction on passing custom configuration options for PostgreSQL which made it usable for the new cluster only

  • K8SPG-193: Fix the bug which caused the Operator crash without pgReplicas section in Custom Resource definition

  • K8SPG-197: Fix the bug which caused the Operator to make connection requests to Version Service even with disabled Smart Update

  • K8SPG-207: Fix the bug due to which restoring S3 backup from storage with self-signed certificates didn’t work, by introducing the special backup.storages.verifyTLS option to address this issue

Supported platforms

The following platforms were tested and are officially supported by the Operator 1.3.0:

This list only includes the platforms that the Percona Operators are specifically tested on as part of the release process. Other Kubernetes flavors and versions depend on the backward compatibility offered by Kubernetes itself.

Last update: 2024-05-23