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Percona Operator for PostgreSQL 1.2.0

Release Highlights

  • With this release, the Operator turns to a simplified naming convention and changes its official name to Percona Operator for PostgreSQL

  • Starting from this release, the Operator automatically generates TLS certificates and turns on encryption by default at cluster creation time. This includes both external certificates which allow users to connect to pgBouncer and PostgreSQL via the encrypted channel, and internal ones used for communication between PostgreSQL cluster nodes

  • Various cleanups in the deploy/cr.yaml configuration file simplify the deployment of the cluster, making no need in going into YAML manifests and tuning them


Bugs Fixed

  • K8SPG-115: Fix the bug that caused creation a “cloned” cluster with pgDataSource to fail due to missing Secrets

  • K8SPG-163: Fix the security vulnerability CVE-2021-40346 by removing the unused dependency in the Operator images

  • K8SPG-152: Fix the bug that prevented deploying the Operator in disabled/readonly namespace mode. It is now possible to deploy several operators in different namespaces in the same cluster

Options Changes

Supported platforms

The following platforms were tested and are officially supported by the Operator 1.2.0:

This list only includes the platforms that the Percona Operators are specifically tested on as part of the release process. Other Kubernetes flavors and versions depend on the backward compatibility offered by Kubernetes itself.

Last update: 2024-05-02