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Making on-demand backup

To make an on-demand backup, the user should first make changes in the deploy/cr.yaml configuration file: set the backup.enabled key to true and configure backup storage in the backup.storages subsection.

When the deploy/cr.yaml file contains correctly configured keys and is applied with kubectl command, use a special backup configuration YAML file with the following contents:

  • backup name in the key,

  • Percona Distribution for MySQL Cluster name in the clusterName key,

  • storage name from deploy/cr.yaml in the spec.storageName key.

  • S3 backup finalizer set by the metadata.finalizers.delete-backup key (it triggers the actual deletion of backup files from the S3 bucket when there is a manual or scheduled removal of the corresponding backup object).

The example of such file is deploy/backup/backup.yaml .

When the backup destination is configured and applied with kubectl apply -f deploy/cr.yaml command, make backup as follows:

$ kubectl apply -f deploy/backup.yaml


Storing backup settings in a separate file can be replaced by passing its content to the kubectl apply command as follows:

$ cat <<EOF | kubectl apply -f-
kind: PerconaServerMySQLBackup
  name: backup1
    - delete-backup
  clusterName: cluster1
  storageName: s3-us-west

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Last update: 2024-05-02