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Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL 14.4 (2022-06-27)

Release date: June 27, 2022
Installation: Installing Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL is a collection of tools to assist you in managing PostgreSQL. Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL installs PostgreSQL and complements it by a selection of extensions that enable solving essential practical tasks efficiently.

This release of Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL is based on PostgreSQL 14.4. It fixes the issue with all PostgreSQL 14 versions that could cause silent data corruption when using the CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY or REINDEX CONCURRENTLY commands. Learn how to detect and fix silent data corruption in your indexes in the upstream documentation.

This release also includes the following bug fixes:

  • Query plan memorization fixes
  • Fixes for queries in which a “whole-row variable” references the result of a function that returns a domain over composite type
  • Fixed the “variable not found in subplan target list” planner error using a sub-SELECT that is referenced in a GROUPING function
  • Fixed error checking in COPY FROM when the database encoding is SQL_ASCII but the client encoding is a multi-byte encoding.
  • Reported implicitly-created operator families (generated by CREATE OPERATOR CLASS) to event triggers.
  • Prevented triggering wal_receiver_timeout on a standby during logical replication of large transactions.
  • Removed incorrect TLS private key file ownership check in libpq.
  • Prevented crash after server connection loss in pg_amcheck.

Find the full list of changes in the PostgreSQL 14.4 release notes.

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