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Repositories overview

Percona provides two repositories for Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL.

Major release repository Minor release repository
Major Release repository (e.g. ppg-14) includes the latest version packages. Whenever a package is updated, the package manager of your operating system detects that and prompts you to update. As long as you update all Distribution packages at the same time, you can ensure that the packages you’re using have been tested and verified by Percona.

We recommend installing Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL from the Major Release repository
Minor Release repository includes a particular minor release of the database and all of the packages that were tested and verified to work with that minor release (e.g. ppg-14.0). You may choose to install Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL from the Minor Release repository if you have decided to standardize on a particular release which has passed rigorous testing procedures and which has been verified to work with your applications. This allows you to deploy to a new host and ensure that you’ll be using the same version of all the Distribution packages, even if newer releases exist in other repositories.

The disadvantage of using a Minor Release repository is that you are locked in this particular release. When potentially critical fixes are released in a later minor version of the database, you will not be prompted for an upgrade by the package manager of your operating system. You would need to change the configured repository in order to install the upgrade.

Repository contents

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL provides individual packages for its components. It also includes two meta-packages: percona-ppg-server and percona-ppg-server-ha.

Using a meta-package, you can install all components it contains in one go.




The percona-ppg-server meta-package installs the PostgreSQL server with the following packages:

Package contents Description
percona-postgresql14-server The PostgreSQL server package.
percona-postgresql-common PostgreSQL database-cluster manager. It provides a structure under which multiple versions of PostgreSQL may be installed and/or multiple clusters maintained at one time.
percona-postgresql14-contrib A collection of additional PostgreSQLcontrib extensions
percona-pg-stat-monitor14 A Query Performance Monitoring tool for PostgreSQL.
percona-pgaudit14 Provides detailed session or object audit logging via the standard PostgreSQL logging facility.
percona-pg_repack14 rebuilds PostgreSQL database objects.
percona-wal2json14 a PostgreSQL logical decoding JSON output plugin.




The percona-ppg-server-ha meta-package installs high-availability components that are recommended by Percona:

Package contents Description
percona-patroni A high-availability solution for PostgreSQL.
percona-haproxy A high-availability and load-balancing solution
etcd A consistent, distributed key-value store
python3-python-etcd A Python client for etcd.1
etcd-client, etcd-server The client/server of the distributed key-value store. 2

Get expert help

If you need assistance, visit the community forum for comprehensive and free database knowledge, or contact our Percona Database Experts for professional support and services.

  1. Is included in repositories for RHEL 8 / CentOS 8 operating systems 

  2. Are included in repositories for Debian 12 operating system