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Percona XtraDB Cluster 8.0.19-10

Percona XtraDB Cluster 8.0.19-10 includes all of the features and bug fixes available in Percona Server for MySQL. See the corresponding release notes for Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.19-10 for more details on these changes.


  • PXC-2189: Modify Reference Architecture for Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) to include ProxySQL

  • PXC-3182: Modify processing to not allow writes on 8.0 nodes while 5.7 nodes are still on the cluster

  • PXC-3187: Add dependency package installation note in PXC binary tarball installation doc.

  • PXC-3138: Document mixed cluster write (PXC8 while PXC5.7 nodes are still part of the cluster) should not be completed.

  • PXC-3066: Document that pxc-encrypt-cluster-traffic=OFF is not just about traffic encryption

  • PXC-2993: Document the dangers of running with strict mode disabled and Group Replication at the same time

  • PXC-2980: Modify Documentation to include AutoStart Up Process after Installation

  • PXC-2604: Modify garbd processing to support Operator

Bugs Fixed

  • PXC-3298: Correct galera_var_reject_queries test to remove display value width

  • PXC-3320: Correction on PXC installation doc

  • PXC-3270: Modify wsrep_ignore_apply_errors variable default to restore 5.x behavior

  • PXC-3179: Correct replication of CREATE USER … RANDOM PASSWORD

  • PXC-3080: Modify to process the ROTATE_LOG_EVENT synchronously to perform proper cleanup

  • PXC-2935: Remove incorrect assertion when –thread_handling=pool-of-threads is used

  • PXC-2500: Modify ALTER USER processing when executing thread is Galera applier thread to correct assertion

  • PXC-3234: Correct documentation link in spec file

  • PXC-3204: Modify to set wsrep_protocol_version correctly when wsrep_auto_increment_control is disabled

  • PXC-3189: Correct SST processing for super_read_only

  • PXC-3184: Modify startup to correct crash when socat not found and SST Fails

  • PXC-3169: Modify wsrep_reject_queries to enhance error messaging

  • PXC-3165: Allow COM_FIELD_LIST to be executed when WSREP is not ready

  • PXC-3145: Modify to end mysqld process when the joiner fails during an SST

  • PXC-3043: Update required donor version to PXC 5.7.28 (previously was Known Issue)

  • PXC-3036: Document correct method for starting, stopping, bootstrapping

  • PXC-3287: Correct link displayed on help client command

  • PXC-3031: Modify processing for garbd to prevent issues when multiple requests are started at approximately the same time and request an SST transfers to prevent SST from hanging

Known Issues

  • PXC-3039: No useful error messages if an SSL-disabled node tries to join SSL-enabled cluster

  • PXC-3092: Abort startup if keyring is specified but cluster traffic encryption is turned off

  • PXC-3093: Garbd logs Completed SST Transfer Incorrectly (Timing is not correct)

  • PXC-3159: Killing the Donor or Connection lost during SST Process Leaves Joiner Hanging

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Last update: 2024-04-09