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Percona XtraDB Cluster 8.0.36-28 (2024-04-03)

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Percona XtraDB Cluster supports critical business applications in your public, private, or hybrid cloud environment. Our free, open source, enterprise-grade solution includes the high availability and security features your business requires to meet your customer expectations and business goals.

Release highlights

Percona XtraDB Cluster is based on Percona Server for MySQL. Find a complete list of improvements and bug fixes in the Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.36-28 (2024-03-04) release notes.

Improvements and bug fixes introduced by Oracle for MySQL 8.0.36 and included in Percona XtraDB Cluster are the following:

  • The hashing algorithm employed yielded poor performance when using a HASH field to check for uniqueness. (Bug #109548, Bug #34959356)

  • All statement instrument elements that begin with statement/sp/%, except statement/sp/stmt, are disabled by default.

Find the complete list of bug fixes and changes in the MySQL 8.0.36 Release Notes.

Bug fixes

  • PXC-4316: If the node shut down while being partitioned from the cluster, started again, and then rejoined the cluster, the other part of the cluster would still wait for the partitioned node.

  • PXC-4341: When running FLUSH TABLES after a statement was prepared, the node could exit due to broken consistency.

  • PXC-4348: The joiner node exited with Metadata Lock BF-BF conflict during IST.

  • PXC-4362: The node could leave the cluster when binary logging was enabled and the function was created without super privilege.

  • PXC-4365: The node could leave the cluster when the row size was too large and had more than three nvarchar columns.

  • PXC-4340: The server exited when executing the complicated query with 9 CTEs.

  • PXC-4367: The InnoDB semaphore wait timeout caused a server exit under a heavy load.

  • PXC-4277: A three-node Percona XtraDB Cluster cluster was in an inconsistent state with ALTER .. ALGORITHM=INPLACE.

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