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Index of files created by Percona XtraBackup

  • Information related to the backup and the server
File Name Description
backup-my.cnf This file contains information to start the mini instance of InnoDB during the --prepare. This not a backup of the original my.cnf. The InnoDB configuration is read from the file backup-my.cnf created by xtrabackup when the backup was made. The --prepare uses InnoDB configuration from backup-my.cnf by default, or from --defaults-file, if specified. The InnoDB’s configuration in this context means server variables that affect dataformat, i.e., innodb_page_size option, innodb_log_block_size, etc. Location-related variables, like innodb_log_group_home_dir or innodb_data_file_path are always ignored by --prepare, so preparing a backup always works with data files from the back directory, rather than any external ones.
xtrabackup_checkpoints The type of the backup (for example, full or incremental), its state (for example, prepared) and the LSN range contained in it. This information is used for incremental backups. Example of the xtrabackup_checkpoints after taking a full backup: backup_type = full-backuped from lsn= 0 to_lsn = 15188961605 last_lsn = 15188961605 Example of the xtrabackup_checkpoints after taking an incremental backup: backup_type = incremental from_lsn = 15188961605 to_lsn = 15189350111 last_lsn = 15189350111
xtrabackup_binlog_info The binary log file used by the server and its position at the moment of the backup. A result of the following query: SELECT server_uuid, local, replication, storage_engines FROM performance_schema.log_status;
xtrabackup_binlog The xtrabackup binary used in the process.
xtrabackup_logfile Contains data needed for running the: --prepare. The bigger this file is the --prepare process will take longer to finish.
<table_name>.delta.meta This file is going to be created when performing the incremental backup. It contains the per-table delta metadata: page size, size of compressed page (if the value is 0 it means the tablespace isn’t compressed) and space id. Example of this file: page_size = 16384 zip_size = 0 space_id = 0
  • Information related to the replication environment (if using the--slave-info option):


    The CHANGE MASTER statement needed for setting up a replica.

  • Information related to the Galera and Percona XtraDB Cluster (if using the --galera-info option):


    Contains the values of wsrep_local_state_uuid andwsrep_last_committed status variables

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Last update: 2024-06-12