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Run a Docker container

Docker allows you to run applications in a lightweight unit called a container.

You can run Percona XtraBackup in a Docker container without installing the product. All required libraries are available in the container. Being a lightweight execution environment, Docker containers enable creating configurations where each program runs in a separate container. You may run Percona Server for MySQL in one container and Percona XtraBackup in another. Docker images offer a range of options.

Create a Docker container based on a Docker image. Docker images for Percona XtraBackup are hosted publicly on Docker Hub.

$ sudo docker create ... percona/percona-xtrabackup --name xtrabackup ...

Scope of this section

This section demonstrates how to back up data on a Percona Server for MySQL running in another Dockers container.

1. Install Docker

Your operating system may already provide a package for docker. However, the versions of Docker provided by your operating system are likely to be outdated.

Use the installation instructions for your operating system available from the Docker site to set up the latest version of docker.

2. Connect to a Percona Server for MySQL container

Percona XtraBackup works in combination with a database server. When running a Docker container for Percona XtraBackup, you can make backups for a database server either installed on the host machine or running in a separate Docker container.

To set up a database server on a host machine or in Docker container, follow the documentation of the supported product that you intend to use with Percona XtraBackup.

$ sudo docker run -d --name percona-server-mysql \
-e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root percona/percona-server:8.3

As soon as Percona Server for MySQL runs, add some data to it. Now, you are ready to make backups with Percona XtraBackup.


When running Percona XtraBackup from a container and connecting to a MySQLserver container, we recommend using the –user root option in the Docker command.

3. Create a Docker container from Percona XtraBackup image

You can create a Docker container based on Percona XtraBackup image with either docker create or the docker run command. docker create creates a Docker container and makes it available for starting later.

Docker downloads the Percona XtraBackup image from the Docker Hub. If it is not the first time you use the selected image, Docker uses the image available locally.

$ sudo docker create --name percona-xtrabackup --volumes-from percona-server-mysql \
percona/percona-xtrabackup  \
xtrabackup --backup --datadir=/var/lib/mysql/ --target-dir=/backup \
--user=root --password=mysql

With parameter name you give a meaningful name to your new Docker container so that you could easily locate it among your other containers.

The volumes-from flag refers to Percona Server for MySQL and indicates that you intend to use the same data as the Percona Server for MySQL container.

Run the container with exactly the same parameters that were used when the container was created:

$ sudo docker start -ai percona-xtrabackup

This command starts the percona-xtrabackup container, attaches to its input/output streams, and opens an interactive shell.

The docker run is a shortcut command that creates a Docker container and then immediately runs it.

$ sudo docker run --name percona-xtrabackup --volumes-from percona-server-mysql \
xtrabackup --backup --data-dir=/var/lib/mysql --target-dir=/backup --user=root --password=mysql

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Last update: 2024-06-12