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Prepare a partial backup

The procedure is analogous to restoring individual tables: apply the logs and use the --export option:

$ xtrabackup --prepare --export --target-dir=/path/to/partial/backup

When you use the --prepare option on a partial backup, you will see warnings about tables that don’t exist. This is because these tables exist in the data dictionary inside InnoDB, but the corresponding .ibd files don’t exist. They were not copied into the backup directory. These tables will be removed from the data dictionary, and when you restore the backup and start InnoDB, they will no longer exist and will not cause any errors or warnings to be printed to the log file.

Could not find any file associated with the tablespace ID: 5

Use --innodb-directories to find the tablespace files. If that fails then use -–innodb-force-recovery=1 to ignore this and to permanently lose all changes to the missing tablespace(s).

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Restore the partition from the backup

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Last update: 2024-06-12