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Percona Server for MongoDB 7.0.5-3 (2024-01-23)


Percona Server for MongoDB 7.0.5-3 is an enhanced, source-available, and highly-scalable database that is a fully-compatible, drop-in replacement for MongoDB Community Edition 7.0.5.

It is based on MongoDB Community Edition 7.0.5 and supports the upstream protocols and drivers.

Release Highlights

Improvements and bug fixes, provided by MongoDB and included in Percona Server for MongoDB are the following:

  • SERVER-33494 - Removed size storer entries upon collection drop
  • SERVER-80363 - Explicitly stated that the missing w field from write concern object will be filled with default write concern value
  • SERVER-83091 - Fixed infinite loop in lockstep $or plan enumeration
  • WT-7929 - Investigated a solution to avoid a Full Time Diagnostic Data Capture (FTDC) mechanism to stall during checkpoint

Find the full list of changes in the MongoDB 7.0.5 Community Edition release notes.

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