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Installing Percona Toolkit

It is recommended to install Percona software from official repositories:

  1. Configure Percona repositories as described in Percona Software Repositories Documentation.

  2. Install Percona Toolkit using the corresponding package manager:

    • For Debian or Ubuntu:

      sudo apt-get install percona-toolkit
    • For RHEL or CentOS:

      sudo yum install percona-toolkit

Generating an instance UUID for statistics

During the installation process, the percona-toolkit installer records a unique identifier specific to the given percona-toolkit instance. This ID is a the product UUID stored in /sys/class/dmi/id/product_uuid. The installer copies the product_uuid to /etc/percona-toolkit/.percona.toolkit.uuid.

This unique identifier is used when collecting statistics about the usage of percona-toolkit. Note that no other information is gathered for this purpose.

In cases when the installer is not able to read the contents of /sys/class/dmi/id/product_uuid, a random UUID is generated. A random UUID is also generated if percona-toolkit is run from the binary in the tar.gz file.

Alternative Install Methods

You can also download the packages from the Percona web site and install it using tools like dpkg and rpm, depending on your system. For example, to download the package for Debian 11 (“bullseye”), run the following:


If you want to download a specific tool, use the following address:

For example, to download the pt-summary tool, run: