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Install percona-release

We recommend to install Percona software using the corresponding package manager for your system:

  • apt for Debian and Ubuntu Linux
  • yum for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and compatible derivatives (including CentOS, Oracle Linux, Amazon Linux AMI, etc.)

Find information about supported platforms on the Percona Release Lifecycle Overview.

If you are running a DEB-based distribution, such as Debian or Ubuntu Linux, use the apt package manager to install the percona-release official package:

  1. Install the curl download utility if it’s not installed already:

    $ sudo apt update
    $ sudo apt install curl 
  2. Download the percona-release repository package:

    $ curl -O
  3. Install the downloaded repository package and its dependencies using apt:

    $ sudo apt install gnupg2 lsb-release ./percona-release_latest.generic_all.deb
  4. Refresh the local cache to update the package information:

    $ sudo apt update
  5. After installation, the Percona software repositories are available. You can check the repository setup for the Percona original release list in the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/percona-original-release.list file.


    If you have enabled another repository, the file name will be different.

If you are running an RPM-based Linux distribution, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux or compatible derivatives, use the yum package manager to install percona-release.

Run the following command as the root user or with sudo:

$ sudo yum install -y

Next steps: use the percona-release command to setup the repository that contains the Percona product that you intend to install:

$ sudo percona-release setup <PRODUCT>
See Configuring Percona Repositories with percona-release for additional information.

Next, use the operating system’s package management tool to install the desired product package.

Get expert help

If you need assistance, visit the community forum for comprehensive and free database knowledge, or contact our Percona Database Experts for professional support and services.