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Percona Server for MongoDB 4.4.16-16 (2022-08-30)

Release date August 30, 2022
Installation Installing Percona Server for MongoDB

Percona Server for MongoDB 4.4.16-16 is an enhanced, source-available, and highly-scalable database that is a fully-compatible, drop-in replacement for MongoDB 4.4.16 Community Edition. It supports MongoDB 4.4.16 protocols and drivers.


Take caution when upgrading from earlier versions of v4.4.x to later versions of 4.4 or on to v5.0. See SERVER-68511 for more details.

Release Highlights

  • SERVER-67302 - Fixed the server crash with the CLOCK_REALTIME set to forward by making the linearizable reads robust to primary catch-up and simultaneous stepdown.

  • SERVER-61321, SERVER-60607 - Improved handling of large/NaN (Not a Number) values for text index and geo index version.

  • SERVER-66418 - Fixed the issue with bad projection created during dependency analysis due to string order assumption. It resulted in the PathCollision error. The issue is fixed by improving dependency analysis for projections by folding dependencies into ancestor dependencies where possible.

  • WT-9096 - Fixed the wrong key/value returning during search near when the key doesn’t exist.

  • SERVER-63243 - This bug fix adjusts the functioning of the range-deleter to prevent the balancer from getting blocked, hung, or ranges being scheduled behind other ranges.

  • SERVER-67492 - Failed chunk migrations can lead to recipient shard having different config.transactions records between primaries and secondaries - inconsistent data.

  • SERVER-60958 - This fix avoids server hang in chunk migration when a step-down occurs.

Find the full list of changes in the MongoDB 4.4.16 Community Edition release notes.


  • PSMDB-1046: Make the kmipKeyIdentifier option not mandatory


If you have configured data at rest encryption using the KMIP server and wish to upgrade Percona Server for MongoDB, go through the encrypting existing data steps during the upgrade as follows:

  1. Prepare the server

  2. Upgrade Percona Server for MongoDB

  3. Enable encryption and initiate the data synchronization.

Bugs Fixed

  • PSMDB-1119: Fixed the issue with backup cursor not opening if data-at-rest encryption is enabled

Packaging Notes

Debian 9 (“Stretch”) is no longer supported.

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