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Percona Server for MongoDB feature comparison

Percona Server for MongoDB 4.4 is based on MongoDB Community Edition 4.4 and extends it with the functionality that is otherwise only available in MongoDB Enterprise Edition..

Storage Engines - WiredTiger (default)
- Percona Memory Engine
- WiredTiger (default)
- In-Memory (Enterprise only)
Encryption-at-Rest - Key servers = Hashicorp Vault, KMIP
- Fully open source
- Key server = KMIP
- Enterprise only
Hot Backup YES (replica set) NO
LDAP authentication (legacy) LDAP authentication with SASL Enterprise only
LDAP authorization YES Enterprise only
Kerberos authentication YES Enterprise only
AWS IAM authentication YES MongoDB Atlas
Audit Logging YES Enterprise only
Log redaction YES Enterprise only
SNMP Monitoring NO Enterprise only
Database profiler YES with the --rateLimit argument YES

Profiling Rate Limiting

Profiling Rate Limiting was added to Percona Server for MongoDB in v3.4 with the --rateLimit argument. Since v3.6, MongoDB Community (and Enterprise) Edition includes a similar option slowOpSampleRate. Please see Profiling Rate Limit for more information.

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