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Percona Software for MySQL

Quickstart guides, user guides, and how-tos, release notes, and the latest downloads. Everything you need to optimize your MySQL databases is right here.


Percona Server for MySQL

An enhanced, fully compatible, source available, drop-in replacement for MySQL Community Edition with enterprise-level features.

Percona Operator based on Percona Server for MySQL

Automate deployment and management of MySQL clusters on Kubernetes with Operator.

Percona XtraDB Cluster

A database cluster solution for MySQL. It ensures high availability, prevents downtime and data loss, and provides linear scalability for a growing environment.

Percona Operator based on Percona XtraDB Cluster

Automate deployment and management of Percona XtraDB Clusters (MySQL clustering solution) on Kubernetes with Operator.

Percona XtraBackup

An open source, hot backup utility for MySQL-based servers that keeps your database fully available during planned maintenance windows.

Percona Distribution for MySQL

A single solution with the best and most critical enterprise components from the MySQL open source community, designed and tested to work together.

ProxySQL Admin Utilities

Use ProxySQL Admin to configure Percona XtraDB Cluster nodes into ProxySQL. The Percona Scheduler Admin has a segment-aware failover mechanism and can automatically perform a failover due to node failures, service degradation, or maintenance requirements.

Monitoring MySQL with PMM

An open source database monitoring, management and observability solution for MySQL and other database technologies.