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Percona Distribution for MongoDB 4.2.23 (2022-11-08)

Release date November 8, 2022
Installation Install Percona Distribution for MongoDB

Percona Distribution for MongoDB is a collection of solutions to run and operate your MongoDB efficiently with the data being consistently backed up.

Percona Distribution for MongoDB includes the following components:

  • Percona Server for MongoDB is a fully compatible source-available, drop-in replacement for MongoDB.

  • Percona Backup for MongoDB is a distributed, low-impact solution for achieving consistent backups of MongoDB sharded clusters and replica sets.

This release of Percona Distribution for MongoDB is based on Percona Server for MongoDB 4.2.23-23 and Percona Backup for MongoDB 2.0.2.

Release Highlights


Percona provides Percona Backup for MongoDB - the open source tool for consistent backups and restores in MongoDB sharded clusters.

  • Fixed security vulnerability CVE-2022-3602 for Percona Distribution for MongoDB 4.2.21 and higher installed from tarballs on Ubuntu 22.04.

  • Detected and resolved table logging inconsistencies for WiredTiger tables at startup

  • Fixed retryable writes on update and delete commands to not execute more than once if chunk is migrated and shard key pattern uses nested fields

  • Changed the ExpressionSetUnion::isCommutative() function to return false when a non-simple collation is in place for the $setUnion aggregation expression

  • Prevented TTLMonitor from processing index if expireAfterSeconds value is NaN (Not a Number)

Percona Backup for MongoDB 2.0.x improvements are the following:

  • Physical backups and restores are now generally available. This enables you to use them in production environments.

  • Data-at-rest encryption is supported for physical backups and restores. This enables you to comply to data security regulations and save time on operating with large data sets.

  • By tracking physical restore progress, you have a clear picture of your restore operations and can timely react to any changes or issues.

  • Logical backups and restores can now be done selectively. This is a tech preview feature 1 yet it enables you to work only with the desired subset of data and thereby save time on database maintenance and costs on storage.

Percona Backup for MongoDB 2.0.2 fixes the usability issues for applications operating with Percona Backup for MongoDB by providing the error messages for the status output in the JSON format.

  1. Tech Preview Features are not yet ready for enterprise use and are not included in support via SLA. They are included in this release so that users can provide feedback prior to the full release of the feature in a future GA release (or removal of the feature if it is deemed not useful). This functionality can change (APIs, CLIs, etc.) from tech preview to GA. 

Last update: January 3, 2023
Created: December 9, 2022