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Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL 16.1 (2023-11-29)


Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL is a solution with the collection of tools from PostgreSQL community that are tested to work together and serve to assist you in deploying and managing PostgreSQL. The aim of Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL is to address the operational issues like High-Availability, Disaster Recovery, Security, Observability, Spatial data handling, Performance and Scalability and others that enterprises are facing.

This release of Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL is based on PostgreSQL 16.1 .

Release Highlights

  • Telemetry is now enabled in Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL to fill in the gaps in our understanding of how you use it and help us improve our products. Participation in the anonymous program is optional. You can opt-out if you prefer not to share this information. Find more information in the Telemetry on Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL document.
  • The percona-postgis33 and percona-pgaudit packages on YUM-based operating systems are renamed percona-postgis33_16 and percona-pgaudit16 respectively

The following is the list of extensions available in Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL.

Extension Version Description
HAProxy 2.8.3 a high-availability and load-balancing solution
Patroni 3.1.0 a HA (High Availability) solution for PostgreSQL
PgAudit 16.1 provides detailed session or object audit logging via the standard logging facility provided by PostgreSQL
pgAudit set_user 4.0.1 provides an additional layer of logging and control when unprivileged users must escalate themselves to superusers or object owner roles in order to perform needed maintenance tasks.
pgBackRest 2.48 a backup and restore solution for PostgreSQL
pgBadger 12.2 a fast PostgreSQL Log Analyzer.
PgBouncer 1.21.0 a lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL
pg_gather v23 an SQL script for running the diagnostics of the health of PostgreSQL cluster
pgpool2 4.4.4 a middleware between PostgreSQL server and client for high availability, connection pooling and load balancing.
pg_repack 1.4.8 rebuilds PostgreSQL database objects
pg_stat_monitor 2.0.3 collects and aggregates statistics for PostgreSQL and provides histogram information.
PostGIS 3.3.4 a spatial extension for PostgreSQL.
PostgreSQL Common 256 PostgreSQL database-cluster manager. It provides a structure under which multiple versions of PostgreSQL may be installed and/or multiple clusters maintained at one time.
wal2json 2.5 a PostgreSQL logical decoding JSON output plugin

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL also includes the following packages:

  • llvm 12.0.1 packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and compatible derivatives. This fixes compatibility issues with LLVM from upstream.
  • supplemental etcd packages which can be used for setting up Patroni clusters. These packages are available for the following operating systems:
Operating System Package Version Description
RHEL 8 etcd 3.3.11 A consistent, distributed key-value store
python3-etcd 0.4.5 A Python client for etcd

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL is also shipped with the libpq library. It contains “a set of library functions that allow client programs to pass queries to the PostgreSQL backend server and to receive the results of these queries.”

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If you need assistance, visit the community forum for comprehensive and free database knowledge, or contact our Percona Database Experts for professional support and services.