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Third-party components

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL is supplied with the set of third-party open source components and tools that provide additional functionality such as high-availability or disaster recovery, without the need of modifying PostgreSQL core code. These components are included in the Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL repository and are tested to work together.

Name Superuser privileges Description
etcd Required A distributed, reliable key-value store for setting up high available Patroni clusters
HAProxy Required A high-availability and load-balancing solution
Patroni Required An HA (High Availability) solution for PostgreSQL
pgAudit Required Provides detailed session or object audit logging via the standard PostgreSQL logging facility
pgAudit set_user Required The set_user part of pgAudit extension provides an additional layer of logging and control when unprivileged users must escalate themselves to superuser or object owner roles in order to perform needed maintenance tasks
pgBackRest Required A backup and restore solution for PostgreSQL
pgBadger Required A fast PostgreSQL Log Analyzer
PgBouncer Required A lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL
pg_gather Required An SQL script to assess the health of PostgreSQL cluster by gathering performance and configuration data from PostgreSQL databases
pgpool2 Required A middleware between PostgreSQL server and client for high availability, connection pooling and load balancing
pg_repack Required Rebuilds PostgreSQL database objects
pg_stat_monitor Required Collects and aggregates statistics for PostgreSQL and provides histogram information
PostGIS Required Allows storing and manipulating spacial data in PostgreSQL
wal2json Required A PostgreSQL logical decoding JSON output plugin.

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