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Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL 15 Documentation

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL is a suite of open source software, tools and services required to deploy and maintain a reliable production cluster for PostgreSQL. It includes native PostgreSQL server, enhanced with extensions from open source community that are certified and tested to work together for high availability, backups, security, and monitoring that help ensure the cluster’s peak performance.

Part of the solution, Percona Operator for PostgreSQL, makes it easy to orchestrate the cluster reliably and repeatably in Kubernetes.

What’s included in Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL?

What’s in it for you?

  • No vendor lock in - all components of Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL are fully open source
  • No guesswork on finding the right version of a component – they all undergo thorough testing to ensure compatibility
  • Freely available reference architectures for solutions like high-availability, backups and disaster recovery
  • Spatial data handling support via PostGIS
  • Monitoring of the database health, performance and infrastructure usage via open source Percona Management and Monitoring with PostgreSQL-specific dashboards
  • Run PostgreSQL on Kubernetes using open source Percona Operator for PostgreSQL. It not only automates deployment and management of PostgreSQL clusters on Kubernetes, but also includes enterprise-ready features for high-availability, backup and restore, replication, logging, and more

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