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Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL 12.7 Update (2021-06-10)

Date: June 10, 2021
Installation: Installing Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL

This update of Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL includes the following fixes for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 / CentOS 8:

  • llvm packages are added to the repository. This fixes compatibility issues with LLVM from upstream. To use llvm packages supplied by us, disable the upstream llvm-toolset module before the installation:
sudo dnf module disable llvm-toolset
  • systemd unit file includes the correct path to Patroni configuration file.
  • etcd and python3-python-etcd packages are added as RPM packages to Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL for Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS 8. These packages are used to set up High Availability clusters with Patroni. For how to set up Patroni clusters, see Patroni documentation

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