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Percona Server for MongoDB 4.2.17-17


October 11, 2021


Installing Percona Server for MongoDB

Percona Server for MongoDB 4.2.17-17 includes all features and bug fixes provided by MongoDB 4.2.16 Community Edition and by MongoDB 4.2.17 Community Edition. It supports protocols and drivers of MongoDB Community Edition versions 4.2.16 and 4.2.17.

Release Highlights

The changes and bug fixes introduced by MongoDB include the following:

  • The libsasl2 dependencies are added for DEB-based operating systems to enable GSSAPI and Kerberos authentication to work out-of-the box after installing MongoDB (SERVER-54729)

  • The number of modify updates in WiredTiger is now limited to prevent performance issues (WT-7776)

  • Errors related to proxy connections receive new error codes so that they don’t change the behavior of clients’ drivers (SERVER-50549)

  • Pre-warming of connection pools in mongos tier (SERVER-44152)

  • Improvements to Secondary slowdowns or hangs (SERVER-34938)

Find the full list of changes in the MongoDB 4.2.16 Community Edition and MongoDB 4.2.17 Community Edition release notes.


  • PSMDB-918: Disable the ability to delete the mongod user in RPM packages during the re-installation of Percona Server for MongoDB. - This preserves the permissions to the MongoDB data directory for the mongod user since its user ID and group ID remain unchanged.

Bugs Fixed

  • PSMDB-873: RPM packages now include the cyrus-sasl modules to enable LDAP authentication via native LDAP against Active Directory