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This documentation is for the end of life version of Percona Server for MongoDB and is no longer supported. You may want to see the current documentation.

Installing Percona Server for MongoDB

Percona provides installation packages of Percona Server for MongoDB for the most 64-bit Linux distributions. Find the full list of supported platforms on the Percona Software and Platform Lifecycle page.

The recommended installation method is from Percona repositories. Follow the links below for the installation instructions for your operating system.

Alternative Install Instructions

You can also download packages from the Percona website and install them manually using dpkg or rpm.


In this case, you will have to manually make sure that all dependencies are satisfied.

If you want more control over the installation, you can install Percona Server for MongoDB from binary tarballs.


This method is for advanced users with specific needs that are not addressed by DEB and RPM packages.

If you want to run Percona Server for MongoDB in a Docker container, see Running Percona Server for MongoDB in a Docker Container.

Upgrade Instructions

If you are currently using MongoDB, see Upgrading from MongoDB.

If you are running an earlier version of Percona Server for MongoDB, see Upgrading from Version 3.4.