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Percona Distribution for MySQL 8.2.0 using Percona Server for MySQL (2024-02-06)

Percona Distribution for MySQL is the most stable, scalable, and secure open source MySQL distribution based on Percona Server for MySQL. Install Percona Distribution for MySQL.

This release is based on Percona Server for MySQL 8.2.0-1.

Release highlights

This release merges the MySQL 8.2 code base. Withing this merge Percona introduces several sagnificant changes:

  • Removes remainders of Percona-specific encryption features (support for custom Percona 5.7 encrypted bilnog format.)

  • Removes the deprecated rocksdb_strict_collation_check and rocksdb_strict_collation_exceptions RocksDB system variables.

Improvements and bug fixes introduced by Oracle for MySQL 8.2 and included in Percona Server for MySQL are the following:

  • The insert operations caused records_in_range to read too many disk blocks.

  • System schema tables with INSTANT ADD columns created before 8.0.29 are incompatible with MySQL versions higher than 8.0.29. Performing DMLs on these tables causes an unexpected server exit.

  • A FTS parser plugin now handles single character tokens correctly.

Known issues

  • PS-9078: An upgrade on Ubuntu 20.04 from the following releases does not restart the MySQL service automatically. You must start the service manually.

    • Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.x to Percona Server for MySQL 8.1

    • Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.x to Percona Server for MySQL 8.2

    • Percona Server for MySQL 8.1 to Percona Server for MySQL 8.2

Deprecation or removal

A future release may remove deprecated variables and options. The usage of these deprecated items may cause a warning. We recommend migrating from deprecated variables and options as soon as possible.

This release deprecates the following variables and options:

  • The binlog_transaction_dependency_tracking server system variable

  • The old and new server system variables

  • The --character-set-client-handshake server variable


  • The implementation of the SHOW PROCESSLIST command that uses the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PROCESSLIST table

  • The performance_schema_show_processlist variable

This release removes the following variables and options:

  • The WAIT_UNTIL_SQL_THREAD_AFTER_GTIDS() SQL function. Attempting to invoke this function now causes a syntax error. Use WAIT_FOR_EXECUTED_GTID_SET() instead.

  • The --abort-slave-event-count and --disconnect-slave-event-count server startup options. Attempting to use these options now results in an error.

  • The expire_logs_days server system variable. Attempting to use this variable now results in an error. Use the binlog_expire_logs_seconds variable instead.

Find the full list of bug fixes and changes in the MySQL 8.2 Release Notes.

Supplied components

Review each component’s release notes for What’s new, improvements, or bug fixes. The following is a list of the components supplied with the Percona Server for MySQL-based variation of the Percona Distribution for MySQL:

Component Version Description
Orchestrator 3.2.6-11 The replication topology manager for Percona Server for MySQL
ProxySQL 2.5.5 A high performance, high-availability, protocol-aware proxy for MySQL
Percona XtraBackup 8.2.0 An open-source hot backup utility for MySQL-based servers
Percona Toolkit 3.5.7 The set of scripts to simplify and optimize database operation
MySQL Shell 8.2.0 An advanced client and code editor for MySQL Server
MySQL Router 8.2.0 Lightweight middleware that provides transparent routing between your application and back-end MySQL servers

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