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Prepare storage location

Before working with backups, create a backup location as a backup destination for creating and storing your backup artifacts.

Everest supports S3-compatible backup locations, which means you can use AWS S3 or any other storage solutions that support S3 API, like


  • Currently, Everest does not support S3 buckets with S3 Object Lock. Make sure your backup destination you are registering does not have S3 Object Lock enabled.

  • Make sure you have read/write/delete permissions to the S3 bucket.

To create a backup storage location:

  1. Go to Settings > Backup storages and click Add Backup storage.
  2. In the Name field, specify a location name using only lowercase alphanumeric characters or hyphens.
  3. Select the Namepaces where the backup storage should be available.
  4. Enter your credentials, making sure to use regional AWS STS endpoints instead of the global endpoint: https://s3.<region> Using an endpoint that is geographically closer to your application reduces latency and provides better response times.

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