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Percona Backup for MongoDB componentsΒΆ

Percona Backup for MongoDB consists of the following components:

  • pbm-agent is a process running on every mongod node within the cluster or a replica set that performs backup and restore operations.

  • PBM CLI is a command-line utility that instructs pbm-agents to perform an operation.

    A single pbm-agent is only involved with one cluster (or non-sharded replica set). The pbm CLI utility can connect to any cluster it has network access to, so it is possible for one user to list and launch backups or restores on many clusters.

  • PBM Control collections are special collections in MongoDB that store the configuration data and backup states. Both pbm CLI and pbm-agent use PBM Control collections to check backup status in MongoDB and communicate with each other.

  • Remote backup storage is where Percona Backup for MongoDB saves backups. It can be either an S3 compatible storage or a filesystem-type storage.

The following diagram illustrates how Percona Backup for MongoDB components communicate with MongoDB.

PBM components

To learn more about Percona Backup for MongoDB architecture, see Architecture.