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Automate access to S3 buckets for Percona Backup for MongoDB

When you run MongoDB and Percona Backup for MongoDB using AWS EC2 instances, you can automate access to AWS S3 buckets for Percona Backup for MongoDB. As of version 1.6.1, Percona Backup for MongoDB uses the EC2 environment variables and metadata to access S3 buckets so that you don’t have to explicitly specify the S3 credentials in the Percona Backup for MongoDB configuration file. Thereby you control the access to your cloud infrastructure from a single place.

The steps to automate S3 buckets access for PBM are the following:

  1. Create the IAM instance profile and the permission policy within where you specify the access level that grants the access to S3 buckets.

  2. Attach the IAM profile to an EC2 instance.

  3. Configure an S3 storage bucket and verify the connection from the EC2 instance to it.

  4. Provide the remote storage information for PBM in a config file. Leave the s3.credentials array empty

  type: s3
   region: <your-S3-region>
   bucket: <bucket-name>


If you specify S3 credentials, they override the EC2 instance environment variables and metadata, and are used for authentication instead.

  1. Start the pbm-agent process